Monday, 7 March 2011

Thank you

Just a note to say thank you to the person who commented on my last kit Aint life grand, they alerted me via a link that my kit was available to download on another site. The site is called downturk and has hundreds of kits and scrapbook stuff, whether or not the rest are on there officially I don't know.

I obtained a membership for this site and have had a bit of a kick off at the individual responsible and the site its self, I'm pleased to say the kit is no longer available at downturk but I wonder how many others are doing this, they have obviously loaded the file up on their own file sharing server but I doubt if the TOU were included, the TOU are important in any download as not only does it explain what the kits can and cannot be used for but it also gives credit to other designers who's designs may have been used in the making of the kit, credit should always be given where required and also out of courtesy.

Having said all that and being really mad this has happened I'm now wondering whether or not to post the download link under the kit, but rather send out links via email, I need to know what you guys think as it would be more of a pain to do things this way just because some people cant keep their hands to themselves and follow simple rules.

Linds xxx


Bribri62 said...

Dear Linda, I understand that it raises a problem and that little scrupulous people can take advantage of the work of the others.... It is simply pitiful and disheartening for the persons as you who give their work. The most elementary of coutoisie is to give the credit to the designer.
I use the on-line translator, saddened for the errors of transcriptions
Hugs Brigitte

Unknown said...

I just want to say how very much I appreciate your lovely are so very talented! I'm so sorry that you are having such difficulty with pirating...I can't imagine how angry you must be...I know I certainly would be. I would like to say how grateful I am to be able to download your kit and will definitely follow TOU and give you credit! Thank you so much! Granny Franny

Anonymous said...

Linda, it doesn't matter to me which way you want to do it. Which ever way makes you feel safer, better, and are reassured of your artistic/designer credit. I'll go with the flow.

oreosmeow said...

Oh, Linda, this stinks! You do whatever you think best, you know we'll support you. I'm more than willing to get your download links however you wish, but what a pain in the neck for you to have to do it this way.

Johanna said...

Dang you work hard to get the kits together...YOU need credit...Whatever you decide is OK with me....Johanna xx

collector said...

I have noticed that more and more designers are either leaving the blog scene or using other means of sharing their work. I cannot understand the reason for all this stealing. I enjoy your work very much, I would like to be included in any email links or 'invitation only' access to your wonderful gifts. Thank you so much for all your shared with us.

baloothebear said...

HI. I think you do a fabulous job making your kits and you should get all the praise you deserver. It doesn't mater to me which way you do your downloads but if you start sending out emails I woulld like to be included please.

Lins said...

me too if you do it via email sign me up

Dov said...

Hi Linda,

I am so unhappy to learn that your wonderful designs have been stolen! :(

I despise piracy (software, music, video) - in all it's forms.

If you decide to use the newsletter / email method to notify everyone about your designs, I would like to be on that list as well.

Thanks, David

WendyP said...

What ever you do is fine by me Linda. I would like to be on the list if you decide to use e-mail method please.


irskamojca said...

wow, i never would have thought that people don't appreciate scrap freebies! some people think that if it's free, they can do whatever they want with it?! that's really pitiful! and wouldn't it be just easier to post a link to your blog than to download from yours and load to their page?! realy, i don't get it! keep up the great work, Linda!

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