Saturday, 26 March 2011

Monochrome Elegance

Hello my lovelys, after a bit of deliberation and a lot of emails which I thank every one of you for your support and help I have decided to just post the kits as I always have, it seems no matter what way I post the kits there will always be someone who will pinch things ( to those people I hope your undies turn pink in the wash ). Any way I have a new freebie kit called monochrome elegance for you along with a page of the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor who passed away this week, truly the end of an era. I've always had a notion to do something in shades of black and white so here it is, I hope you like it.

Pictures of Elizabeth from the internet

Download file on this one is half the normal size in an effort to make downloading quicker, all are still saved at 300dpi for printing so quality will remain the same and will enlarge without any loss x

Monday, 7 March 2011

Thank you

Just a note to say thank you to the person who commented on my last kit Aint life grand, they alerted me via a link that my kit was available to download on another site. The site is called downturk and has hundreds of kits and scrapbook stuff, whether or not the rest are on there officially I don't know.

I obtained a membership for this site and have had a bit of a kick off at the individual responsible and the site its self, I'm pleased to say the kit is no longer available at downturk but I wonder how many others are doing this, they have obviously loaded the file up on their own file sharing server but I doubt if the TOU were included, the TOU are important in any download as not only does it explain what the kits can and cannot be used for but it also gives credit to other designers who's designs may have been used in the making of the kit, credit should always be given where required and also out of courtesy.

Having said all that and being really mad this has happened I'm now wondering whether or not to post the download link under the kit, but rather send out links via email, I need to know what you guys think as it would be more of a pain to do things this way just because some people cant keep their hands to themselves and follow simple rules.

Linds xxx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Freebie Kit, Aint life grand


Hidey hoo scrappers, a new kit for you guys called Aint life grand for those pics and times when things are just fab, hope you like it and most of all have fun using it xxx

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