Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Hi guys, this is a layout I made with Lindsays fabulous African themed kit called Egoli, even better it's free on her blog so head on over there and snag it, there is a link under the layout, I'm off on my holidays to Turkey tonight and I will see you all soon xxx

(Lion and tiger pics are blended wallpapers, everything else is Egoli)

Oh and remember to leave a thankyou for her x


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Free Flower elements

Hi lovely scrappers, I have some flower elements for you to use in your layouts, as well as the normal personal use these are CU and S4H friendly for you to use in kits you make, please check the TOU which is included in the file, hope you like these items x


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thomas Gray Boyd


A true story of how we came to have a new member of the family, this beautiful tabby cat called Thomas has been living at the factory where I work for the last couple of years, at first he was only around at night and was wary to go near any one, getting scraps of food where he could find them, some of the night shift staff started putting food out for him and after a while he was more trusting and friendly.

The months passed and Thomas would apear more often in the day time and other shifts started to bring in buiscuits for him and he would stand on the steps at change of shift waiting for his goodys, he even learned when the fire alarm went off to go stand at the fire point lol much to everyones amusement!!. Mostly he would stay round the staff smoking shelter where he was sure of a belly rub and attention and of course food, much loved by a lot of the staff and looked after the best we could.

Two weeks ago I went to work early Sunday morning saw Thomas having a little snooze on the yard spotlight where he liked to sleep and get warm, I tickled his head and said good morning as normal, I didn't see him again for the rest of the day, following day Thomas wasn't there in the morning and I wondered where he was but didn't think too much of it, a little later one of the girls said did you hear about poor Thomas and of course I hadn't, Thomas had been taken to a local vets by a very kind member of staff as someone had kicked or hit him in the face and the RSPCA had been contacted, I was furious infact we were all furious, I phoned the vet but as it was a bank holiday I couldn't get to see him so had to wait untill Tuesday, his nose was all cut and scabbed but a lot of the swelling had gone and they said he would be fine, I asked what would happen to him and was told the RSPCA would keep him and try and rehome him but as he is older than we thought it might be quite difficult.

Could I let Thomas go any where else? absolutely not!!! so I said I would take him, finaly after a week and a half I picked him up today from the catery after him being neutered, cat jabs and chipped, the RSPCA checking my home to make sure it was suitable (which I completely understand) and his little nose almost completely healed, he was a very frightened and unhappy boy. The picture was taken a few hours later of him snoozing in my daughter Abbys arms, much happier and more like his old self.

As for the staff at work they have restored my faith in human nature, a collection was raised and the final donation to the RSPCA was £121.80 which the lady said was wonderful as no one really gives to the RSPCA any more which is so sad as they do such wonderful work, so please if you see a tin with RSPCA on put a coin in for Thomas and thousands more animals like him.

Thanks for your time

Lindalou x
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